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Change the Culture

Committed to meeting the needs of New Jersey Youth & Families.

1.3 Million
Children enrolled in New Jersey public schools will have access to effective and responsive Student Assistance program services because of ASAP-NJ’s advocacy, leadership and expertise.

Develop, coordinate and monitor substance abuse prevention and intervention programs and services for all students and families within the school district.

Provide in-service and staff training for district substance abuse prevention programs and policies and assist the district in review of school alcohol, tobacco and other drug policies.
Serve as a resource to the school and community regarding issues relating to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, mental health, and behavioral health.

Provide assessment intervention, referral and counseling services to students having trouble due to depression, stress and anxiety, family issues, self-injury, bullying, gambling, gender identity, or other issues.

One Vision

The vision of ASAP-NJ is that every young person and family in New Jersey will have access to effective and responsive student assistance coordinators and programs because of ASAP’s advocacy, leadership and expertise.

When you join, you join a growing number of professionals working to solidify positions in schools and improve programs.